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Strain Gaging Services
at our Columbus, Ohio facility.
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Omegadyne offers a full selection of strain gaging services.

OMEGADYNE has three Class 100 Clean Rooms and is adding two additional Class 100 Clean Rooms to support its production of thick film, thin film and diffused silicon sensorsStrain Gage Bonding Services
Our expert gaging staff will work closely with your team to maximize your design and deliver superior product with precisely mounted strain gages.

Strain Gage Wiring Services
Products for Land, Sea, Air, and Space
If you have bonding capability but need help with wiring the final product, Omegadyne can assist you. Our experienced wirers are highly skilled and can handle the most complex wiring jobs.

Strain Gage Wiring and Bonding
Put the two together and the Omegadyne team can assist you with the bonding and wiring of strain gages on your custom application. Whether it's one or one thousand.

Custom Strain Gages
If your project needs a custom strain gage to fit your application, the Omegadyne team can work with you on your application and make proof samples of custom gages in as little as 2-weeks time. With production quantities close thereafter. Read more about our custom strain gages.
A sampling of our custom gaging work:

Call or email our custom design team to learn more.
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