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Current Output Pressure Transducers
Micromachined Silicon Transducers
Micromachined silicon sensors are manufactured with state of the art technology and provide solid state reliability with the durability of all stainless steel wetted parts.
General Purpose Pressure Transmitters
Pressure sensor device suitable for use in a variety of different applications typically rugged industrial applications. It could use thin-film strain gage, bonded foil or micro machine silicon structure technology to measure pressure. The pressure range is typically 0 to 15 psi up to 0 to 1000 psi with static accuracy < 0.5%. . The sensor output can be mv but amplified outputs are more commonly .Thermal characteristics would typical be .01% per degree F for zero and span over a range of 100 degrees F
High Accuracy Transmitters
Pressure sensor device suitable for use in applications where the accuracy requirement is < 0.25% and a temperature of < 1% / 100F. The sensor output can be mV but amplified outputs are more commonly specified.
Special Purpose Industrial Transmitters
These include pressure transducers designed for pressure measurement in very high or low temperatures, submersible pressure transducers, barometric pressure transducers and pressure transducers with digital communications output or wireless outputs.

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