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Load and Torque Cells
Button Diaphragm Load Cells
Small, low profile sensors to measure force, load or weight in compression in many instances not much larger than a button. Load is introduced on small center bump. A diaphragm between the center bump and sensor outer wall is used to seal the strain gage cavity.
Miniature In Line Tension/Compression Load Cells
Small sensor to measure force, load or weight in both directions (i.e. tension and compression) sometimes referred to as universal. Sensors may have at either end female or male load introduction points.
Tension Link Load Cells
Compression/tension load cells can be used for applications where the load may go from tension to compression and vice versa. They are ideal for space restricted environments. Threaded ends facilitate easy installation.
Through Hole Load Cells
Force, load or weight measuring sensors with center see-through hole. Load is usually introduced on a lip located around the center hole.
Pancake Load Cells
Low profile force, load or weight measuring sensor.
Beam Load Cells
Cantilever type sensor to measure load, center or weight. Load support maybe single or dual and load is introduced on a different axis to the load support. Typically on a beam load cell the strain gages are place on a horizontal beam, located at some distance from the load introduction axis.
Tank and Bin Weighing Assemblies
Complete set of measurement hardware suitable for tank, bin or vessel weighing. The weighing assembly consists of a load cell and a dedicated set of hardware to interface the load cell to the structure. A good weighing assembly minimizes load cell horizontal loads generated by the structure or by environmental temperature differences while maximizing the vertical load introduction.
"S" Beam Load Cells
S-Beam load cells get their name from their S shape. S-Beam load cells can provide an output if under tension or compression. Applications include tank level, hoppers and truck scales. They provide superior side load rejection.
Platform Load Cells
Platform and single point load cells are used to commercial and industrial weighing systems. They provide accurate readings regardless of the position of the load on the platform.
Canister Load Cells
Canister load cells are used for single and multi-weighing applications. Many feature an all stainless steel design and are hermetically sealed for washdown and wet areas.
Specialty Load Cells
Force, load or weighing sensor designed for a specific application. That application may have specific mechanical, temperature or electrical requirements.
Reaction Torque Cells
Sensor device designed to measure the rotational strain (i.e., or load or force) generated by motors, switches, axles or shafts AND a fixed mounting plate. The torque sensor is mounted in between the fixed mounting plate and the device which is generating the rotational force.

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