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A Corporate History

A new chapter is added in 2014 to OMEGADYNE's history. It's a name change but maintaining the excellent OMEGADYNE brand and quality." OMEGADYNE, Inc. has merged with OMEGA Engineering, Inc. and will now be known as OMEGA Engineering, Inc. (dba OMEGADYNE). OMEGADYNE is a world-leading manufacturer of Pressure and Force Measurement and Control equipment used by governments and industry around the world in processing plants, aerospace applications, oceanography, robotics, water management, food processing and oil exploration. To service this broad base of measurement applications, we offer our customers three different technologies in our pressure transducers.

The OMEGADYNE name has changed but OMEGADYNE will still serve its customers with excellent customer service, technical support and will continue to produce innovative pressure related products. OMEGADYNE will continue to produce state-of-the-art technology, uncompromising accuracy, and quality backed by the best warranties in the business.

OMEGADYNE is the combination of two companies with strong histories of building state-of-the-art pressure and force sensors to meet military and industrial needs, T-Hydronics and CEC Pressure Products, combined with the engineering strength and product resources of the Omega family of companies.

T-Hydronics was founded in 1981 as Thurman Hydronics and then shortened its name to T-Hydronics. It grew dramatically specializing in thick film sensors. In 1993 the company built a new 20,000 square foot custom fabrication facility at its current location in Sunbury Ohio

CEC was founded in 1937 as the research arm of United Geophysical Company. CEC has a rich history in technological advances of process measurement sensors and instrumentation including cooperation with the U.S. Army Air Force to develop instrumentation for early flight tests for which CEC earned three Army/Navy "E" Awards. In 1960, CEC was acquired by the Bell & Howell Company. Technological advancements continued in many areas including the introduction of the sputtered thin-film strain gage pressure transducers and development of the diffused semiconductor pressure sensing element. CEC remained a subsidiary of Bell & Howell until 1983 when Transamerica Delaval acquired CEC Instruments.

In 1994 CEC Instruments was split into two companies, CEC Pressure Products and CEC Vibration Products. The Pressure Products group was purchased by T-Hydronics, a leading manufacture of strain based sensors located in Sunbury Ohio. T-Hydronics then built an addition to its facility in Sunbury including three Class 100 Clean Rooms. The expansion was completed in late 1994 and CEC Instruments was relocated to the T-Hydronics facilities with its manufacturing equipment and senior personnel. The system was then inspected and approved by Lockheed Martin, Space Systems Division, in Sunnyvale, Chandler Evans in West Hartford, Sunstrand Aerospace in Rockford as well as many others. CEC was up and running as part of T-Hydronics, manufacturing the same high quality CEC transducers, thin film and diffused semiconductor, that it was known for.

In 1995, T-Hydronics became part of the Omega Engineering family of companies and changed its name to OMEGADYNE. Through this affiliation it has greatly expanded its manufacturing capabilities and can now offer customers a broader range of products ranging from pressure and force sensors to thermocouples and process measurement and control instrumentation. All the CEC pressure products and T-Hydronics products are now available under the OMEGADYNE label.

Today, the Sunbury Ohio facility has expanded again to accommodate additional clean rooms and more production facilities. Its engineering and manufacturing capabilities continue to advance the technology in Diffused Semiconductor, Sputtered Thin Film, and Thick Film sensors for Pressure, Differential Pressure, Low Pressure, Load, Force, and Torque as well as full custom design capabilities. OMEGADYNE also continues the CEC tradition of close cooperation with our armed forces supplying custom designed and Mil-Spec qualified transducers supporting applications for land, sea, air and space. The most recent was collaboration with the Navy to produce a series of marine transducers to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-P-24212C(SH) plus a special request for a low pressure version meeting the same specifications. OMEGADYNE has also developed a full series of marine transducers to meet the new MIL-P-24742(SH) standard and ASTM F2070 when invoked.

Omegadyne is committed to Human Rights and decent working conditions in its supply chain. An audit program based on SA8000 is applied to all significant suppliers located in lower cost manufacturing areas in order to provide assurance in this respect. Further details can be found in the annual report of our parent company, Spectris plc. at

OMEGADYNE and Omega Companies Cage Codes

CEC Pressure Products: Cage - 09384
Transamerica/CEC: Cage - 09384
Bell and Howell/CEC: Cage - 14028
T-Hydronics: Cage - 8W004
Thurman Hydronics: Cage - 11051
Vanzetti Systems Inc: Cage - 50973

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